From: Andrea Bolder
Subject: The system to squeezing as much profit as possible from your info-product.

Are you struggling to make money online?

Do you have an online business, call yourself an internet marketer but find you’re not making money from it because you do not have a product to sell?

How long do you plan to have an online business and not make a ton of money from it?

Other people are making money online, so why not you?

The absolute truth remains that if you continue to struggle in your online business. you’ll never earn the financial freedom you deserve.

Just take a moment to think. Think about what your business would look like if you had products on your website that people were buying. Think about the killing you would make in automated income? How would that make you feel! Successful? Influential? Relieved?

My main focus within the internet marketing business is to help people and create products which help them grow, thrive and survive online.

“Why work harder than you have to when there’s a proven product creation plan mapped out for you?

When I first started in the online marketing business, the thought of developing my own signature products was nothing short of overwhelming. Where would I start? How would I create a product that actually sold?  How would I even get other people to promote for me, if I didn’t know how to promote my products myself? My head was spinning and I was paralyzed by fear at the thought of taking on such a huge task.

The whole product development process was so big and confusing. While I was “the new girl on the block” I wasn’t naive to the fact that this new internet marketing business was going to be much harder than the “gurus’ let on.

Are you surprised that I haven’t told you how online marketing is the magic bullet to overnight success and unlimited income that can be unleashed with one click of a button or one purchase of “the only course you’ll ever need”?

Creating high-profit ebooks is not as simple as putting a few words and graphics in a pdf and throwing it up on your website. It doesn’t work that way. It’s astounding how many marketers believe it does.  With more and more people trying to get in on the action, the competition to cash in on selling information online is fierce.

The reality of it all is, if you lack the knowledge and  special product planning strategies that will catapult your ebook above the rest you are destined to fail. Without a step by step formula to follow you will fall prey to the many pitfalls of information product creation which can devastate your profits, reputation and ability to cash in on your expertise.

I can almost guarantee that you’ve bought an ebook (or two) that didn’t live up to your expectations. You get to the end feeling duped, disappointed and not one step closer to achieving your goals. There are tons of products just like this all over the Internet. And while delivering an underwhelming product is not most marketers intention, there is one thing we can give them credit for…they were confident enough to put their own signature product out there in the first place. They probably just never had access to the right training or experience to create a better product. It takes a lot to put your information out there and sell it but the question remains…why do so many ebooks crash and burn?

And this is just a handful of reasons why so many ebooks fail to convert into cash.  So you see, there’s a lot that goes in to creating a successful cash pulling ebook.

But how do you take your “great idea”, package it in to a product and sell that product for maximum profits?

Where do you start?

I have spent a long time developing a killer formula that will allow you to create the perfect profit pulling ebook again and again and again. Whether you are creating 1 ebook or 1000 you can rinse and repeat this system with any topic in any niche to multiply for cash flow.

Sure you could spend hours researching, developing and packaging an ebook, but it won’t do you any good if you can’t convert your content to cash. Creating fast cash with ebooks is not as simple as coming up with an idea, typing some words on a page, and saying here “buy my book.”

It’s about developing a strategy that works and knowing how to uncover the profits that lie hidden in your ebook while presenting a product that delivers. The information shared in fast cash ebooks is a culmination of thousands of hours of investing, learning, studying, implementing, testing and knowing what online marketers need the most to make consistent and significant income marketing ebooks. My knowledge will become your knowledge and you’ll have unprecedented access to a blueprint that will help you learn the skills you need without the pitfalls.

If you are lacking any one of these components then your robbing yourself and your customers of the value they need the most to change their lives. Your goal is to solve problems and help others get the results they are looking for. PERIOD!

And in order for your product to make an impact you have to reach as many people as possible who need what you have. It starts with having all of these key elements in place when creating your ebook. You should be thinking of nothing else but delivering an awesome product to your customers and hearing their success stories!

I have worked with some of the very best online marketers and info-product creators on projects that have produced hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Some of these eBooks which I have created and partnered with include:

These products are just a sliver of the fast cash ebooks I have had a hand in.  All of these ebooks have impacted numerous lives and generating massive profits and still continue to pull in cash today. Take a look at a snapshot of the earnings from an eBook launched earlier this year using the Fast Cash eBook Formula. The ability to get results using a simple formula is real and what’s even better it can be duplicated by you too.

Not only have I had the pleasure of working on successful ebooks as the ones you see above, I have also had the pleasure of working on big ticket trainings and courses. As we speak I am working closely with other industry leaders on a $1K Per Day coaching program, creating valuable content, step by step blueprints and training modules to help marketers automate their online income. You see, once you have the basics down you can expand your ebook empire into other information products!

I want to show you exactly how you can earn fast cash quickly by creating profit filled ebooks by sharing the expertise you already know. I want to show you the perfect formula that will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to start researching, planning and delivering high income ebooks. Please allow me to introduce the formula you could be using only a few moments from now.

Fast Cash eBook Formula is a 6 module course with 30+  value packed video tutorials and step by step action plans. Each tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about creating killer ebooks that make money.


This is just a fraction of what I’ll teach you with Fast Cash eBook Formula. Thanks to this very formula I have created a system that both my clients and I have used to create thousands of dollars in automated sales.

Inside Fast Cash eBook Formula I will show you step by step the exact methods I’ve used to create some killer products not only for myself but for valued partners and clients as well.

I am also going to give you an easy to take action on blueprint that will reveal every single detail of the ebook creation process. This is the exact system that I use to create winning products over and over again.

I have revealed it all – my most guarded secrets. Secrets that I have never revealed before. I explain in great detail all you need to know to ensure you are in the best position to capitalize on the multi-billion dollar information product industry. From the beginning to the end, you will know every tool, resource, strategy and activity you need to create and cash in on selling your expertise through ebooks. The value you’ll get from Fast Cash eBook Formula can also be used to make your other info-products better.

The truth of the matter is…It depends on the you!  Will you complete the course and follow the action steps or will you waste your time and money because you didn’t commit to the process?  I feel it is extremely important to be honest, in fact one of the core principles I build my entire online business is transparency and integrity in helping people succeed online. Fast Cash eBook Formula is jam-packed with useable and beneficial value that will put you on the fast track to cashing in on your eBooks in no time. So to answer your question, “The sooner you complete the course and finish your eBook the faster you’ll begin cashing in. I can give you all the tools and information you need, but it’s up to you to do the work!

Fast Cash eBook Formula is unlike anything you’ve seen before. This is a step by step blueprint that is full of top-notch value to help you get off the sideline and into the game by creating the profit pulling products you’ve have always wanted. This course will earn you money for months and years to come.

Please keep in mind that Fast Cash eBook Formula is a complete solution home study course that you can go through at your own pace. Similar products with much less value have sold for $1000 plus. My mission and focus is the help marketers just like you make it online. I want to see you succeed. I want you to transform your life and build a business to be proud of. Some call it foolish to give away so much value, but at the end of the day I want to show you how to make money online the right way and at the same time make it affordable!


By making the decision to invest in Fast Cash Formula today, you will put yourself leaps and bounds in front of your competition. The benefits will be enormous and you definitely won’t be paying $1000 plus for all of this great content. In fact, if you are capable of making a decision and ACT NOW then you can steal this killer training course for a one time investment today of just $67 $19.95.

For only $67 $19.95 you will receive a full video training study course with amazing value. Comprising of 6 step by step modules, easy to digest video tutorials, printable lesson notes and action plans, Fast Cash eBook report, The Power of Mind Maps eBook, dedicated support during and after eBook creation and a whole lot more…

Of course if you’re still unsure that this training course and instructional videos is right for you, that’s not a problem, we offer a full “peace of mind”, 60 day guarantee – Which basically means you can join now and take a whole 8 weeks before you really need to make any decision if this is the course for you.

That’s zero risk to you!

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To your success,

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